Core Values

Act Like an Owner

Act with unquestioned integrity, always —

We must always act with integrity, take accountability, and do the right thing, even when the right thing is hard to do.
Ethics and integrity are the foundation of our beliefs and essential elements for growth and success in the future. Experience this value in all  spects of your work, including the more abstract and subtle ones, such as justice and ethics in all relationships. You are a member of this family and, as such, are responsible to contribute to preserve the essence of our values with your daily attitudes and actions.

Deliver on our commitments —

We strive for flawless execution on our commitments.
While we won’t always achieve this goal, we value delivering on what we say, both internally and with our customers. Our commitment to our customers and stakeholders should always remain a priority for our teams. By focusing our best efforts in fulfilment of this commitment, we expect to deliver strong results, build trust and create loyalty for the Dayco brand and its underlying promise to the market.

Speak up —

Our people feel free to express their ideas and points of view, being recognized and valued for it.
In fact, every team member should feel responsible for bringing forward ideas that will contribute to our improvement and success. Our leaders  also understand that people like responsibility and create favorable conditions for their participation. Therefore, they effectively empower members of their teams through concrete actions. They understand that mistakes may eventually happen along the way, and trust in people’s ability to create meaningful outcomes through their active engagement.

Foster passion for Dayco brands —

We believe passion is what drives the high dedication and the achievement of the value of our collective efforts.
And it’s this passion that defines the strength of the relationships we have established among us, with our customers and the world we serve. It is only by giving the due value to customers that we are able to engage them, work in partnership with them, act in line with their needs to ensure our collective success.

One Team

Take care of each other —

We care for one another.
Therefore, we share a common responsibility and are at each other’s service in order to ensure each employees’ well being. We are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for our colleagues, business partners, visitors and the people in the communities in which we operate. We strive for a zero tolerance, incident-free workplace. Each of us is entrusted and expected to promote safe behavior and a safe work environment, thus we must follow all safety policies in place at our facilities, as well as related laws and regulations.

Succeed together —

We act as a true team towards common goals with focus on customer service and excellence.
We believe that the success of the team is more important than the success of an individual, and we know that we can achieve the highest levels of performance only when we leverage the collective strengths of the entire team. We believe that the achievement of our success is only possible by the evolution of the productivity and profitability of our customers – thus ensuring their success. We are committed to serving our customers through innovation, the creation of value and high quality of our products and services.

Make tomorrow better, all together —

We are committed to creating a stronger company in the future for the benefit of our employees, our customers, our shareholders and our communities.
We understand that our best chance to succeed is by partnering with each of these stakeholders to deliver meaningful value for each party. Together, we are capable of improving the way we work and the impact we have on our markets and our environment.

Recognize and reward excellence —

We have a culture that lets our employees know that they are appreciated for their contributions and their accomplishments.
It has been designed to maintain high standards of behavior, provide motivation and feedback to the employees and publicly praise big wins. Through a value-based reward and recognition program, we therefore have a culture that attracts and retains the best talent.

Learn Continuously

Seek feedback and learn from mistakes —

Feedback is the breakfast of the champions.
Asking for feedback is one of the best ways to feel ‘in control’ of your work, get an accurate idea of what is expected of you and judge how you can improve even further. We understand that mistakes will happen, and we actively seek to learn from and improve as a result. Learning from the failures and utilize them as part of your process of growth and development.

Bring solutions to problems —

Be solution oriented.
Channel your energy into what is constructive, anticipatory, and preventive. When faced with a problem, focus your energy on developing creative solutions and encourage your colleagues to do the same. Develop your ability to discover the root cause of the problems you are facing, that is the cause of the issue causing the problem and that, if eradicated by the solution, will lead to more sustainable results.

Inspire and develop leaders at all levels of the organization —

We develop a culture of leaders that empowers the entire workforce, engages people’s discretionary effort and capitalizes on the full potential of all employees.
Those in formal leadership roles have a tremendous responsibility to lead by example, thus they must develop and exhibit the right leadership abilities and characteristics. All employees seek to achieve a standard of excellence, personally and professionally, and inspire others to do the same. Being a protagonist is having an active attitude. It is, above all, leading yourself, recognizing
the power that is within you to make a difference.

Strengthen our skills and capabilities —

We have a continuous learning environment where we encourage individuals to embed new skills and knowledge, performance, and innovation practices across the organization.
We initiate an environment of knowledge and best practice sharing at all levels. The essence of this is in the attitude of seeking the best in everything you do by achieving a standard of excellence. Be a complete professional at Dayco, and dominate not only technical skills, but also the human ones necessary to do a good job (the ability to relate with others, communicate well, understand people, etc.). Do not wait for someone to do it for you. Seek your own professional and personal development.

Global Mindset

Respect our diverse perspectives —

We create an environment where knowledge, ideas and opinions are shared freely in thesearch for better results.
We not only support a diverse workforce, but we understand that the unique perspectives of our people can be a competitive advantage for us in the marketplace. Honoring it in all its forms and learning to value it on a daily basis, recognizing and celebrating the outstanding results that encompassing commitment generates, aiming for more involvement, motivation, high levels of commitment and better results.

Leverage best practices globally —

We instigate an environment of sharing knowledge, ideas and best practices across divisions, locations and facilities to solve problems in a collaborative way to boost the performance
and productivity that leads you to your goals.

Think globally; Act locally —

While we each operate within a local market or facility, we are also part of a larger connected global ecosystem.
Each of us has a part to play in the well-being of the local markets and communities we serve, and as well to the wider world that we all share. This means living a more sustainable lifestyle, one that is simultaneously more economically aware and more environmentally conscious.

Practice social and environmental responsibility —

We are committed to improving our local communities, as well as protecting the environment and pursuing environmentally sound business practices.
Our company understands that a healthy environment benefits our stakeholders and enhances our business. We will do this by minimizing the creation of waste and the environmental effects of our operations. We engage with all our employees around the world on environmental preservation efforts, ethical labor practices, philanthropy, and to promote a volunteer culture.

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Operating Principles

Customer First

Know our strategic partners intimately —

Customer intimacy is a central tenant of our go to market approach.
Only with a deep understanding of our most important customers can we truly innovate and deliver solutions that help them move their business forward. To accomplish this, we must first define those customers that we will partner with, then focus our energy towards engaging them in a deep and meaningful way.

Create mutually profitable growth —

Our best path to growing our business is through partnership with our strategic customers.
Enabling their successful growth will in turn drive our own success. And of course, not all growth is good for our business. Growth must be profitable in order to create sustainable long-term value for our company.

Foster Dayco brand loyalty —

Our brand is our strongest asset.
Everything we do in service of our strategic partners helps to reinforce the Dayco brand and our brand promise. With exceptional service, we can create lasting partnerships that result in strong affinity for the Dayco brand. Similarly, we should strive to create this type of loyalty among our employees and our communities by making meaningful contributions to improving their well-being.

Find a way —

Putting customers first isn’t always easy.
Obstacles and challenges will occur that threaten our ability to satisfy our customers, but we have an inner spirit and drive that pushes us to find a way to get the job done, to ensure that we fulfill their needs. We are not satisfied until the job is done and the challenge is met.

Leading Products and Services

Live the Dayco brand promise —

Each and every action our company takes shapes the perception and reputation of the Dayco brand.
In each product, each service and each interaction we are making Dayco a reality in the marketplace. In every case, we strive to serve and act in a manner that is consistent with the promise that the Dayco brand makes to our stakeholders. At Dayco we have “Passion for performance that moves the world”.

Deliver exceptional service —

The customer experience stretches far beyond the physical products themselves.
The services that we provide to our customers also plays a significant role in how we are perceived and supported in the market. In each instance, we strive to provide a high level of service and seek to make doing business with Dayco a simple and rewarding experience for our customers

Anticipate challenges and innovate solutions —

Every day we are faced with new and difficult challenges.
As leaders in the industry, our job is to anticipate these challenges before they occur in order to be able to provide solutions to the market. We constantly innovate and strive to find creative alternatives to keep Dayco moving forward, no matter the challenge.

Lead the market —

Dayco has been a leader in the market for more than 100 years.
We relish this position and are always looking to push the boundaries farther and farther. We innovate, we ideate and we relentlessly pursue new and better ways to satisfy our customers. Our product portfolio never rests, nor does our commitment to lead.

Focused Execution

Relentless focus on execution —

Consistency is a critical element of success.
Execution in this business takes a relentless focus on delivering on the fundamentals each and every day. We seek flawless execution, knowing that we will fall short. But with this mindset, we can be assured that we are doing everything in our power to deliver for our stakeholders.

Apply an 80/20 mindset in all we do —

We utilize a data-driven process to define the portions of our business that are creating the most value, as well as the areas where we have the best opportunities for success in the future.
With this understanding, we can shape our strategies, allocate our resources and dedicate our energy to these vital few items. We prioritize the most important items and simplify the remaining complexity in everything we do on a daily basis.

Prioritize what matters most —

Not everything is created equal.
This holds true in business as well, where certain customers, products, and even processes are more important than others in driving the long-term success of the company. It is imperative that we understand what these critical items are, and that we prioritize their execution in our daily work.

Simplify and reduce complexity everywhere —

Complexity is often an unseen killer in a business.
It creates waste, unnecessary cost and a general distraction away from the things that matter the most. By eliminating excess complexity, and by simplifying the processes involved with the complexity that remains, we are able to focus our energy on the most productive and meaningful tasks and customers.

Engaged Talent

Build a great environment —

Our employees want to work for a company that offers a great working environment.
We understand that this type of environment helps to foster higher levels of employee engagement, which in turn drives stronger business performance. We strive to create a workplace where
our employees are respected, valued and appreciated for their contributions. We strive to build a company that employees are proud to be a part of.

Develop our talent —

We believe that each employee has a need for personal and professional development, no matter their position in the company.
We foster an environment build on learning and development and we provide each employee with the opportunities and the tools to enable this to happen.

Foster team of leaders —

The most successful teams are led by the players, not by the coach.
To accomplish this, teams must be comprised of many strong leaders at all levels, or “teams of leaders”. We encourage our employees to lead and offer opportunities to support.

Communicate transparently —

Open and honest communication is foundational in the way we operate.
We seek to communicate clearly and simply such that all stakeholders remain aligned. We actively seek to inform and be informed both with our customers and internally with our teams. This open conversation builds engagement of the team in driving performance as well as shaping the future of our business.