Electric Power Steering Belts

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Applications: Passenger vehicle, performance and premium cars, light commercial vehicles, ICE, Hybrid, and Electric vehicles

Dayco has an innovative and patented range of belt applications to withstand the world’s transformation. We have belts that are the most silent and have best-in-class NVH performance to meet OEM needs. One of them is the Electric power steering (EPS) belt that has unique belt characteristics to provide high load capacity and high durability performance leading to long-lasting vehicle life. Our EPS belts can be found on world’s leading conventional, hybrid, and electric brand’s vehicles.


  • Delivers long-lasting high vehicle performance at even extreme temperature variations
  • Proven and patented power steering belts for conventional, hybrid, and electric applications
  • Unique HNBR belt structure with excellent properties, suitable for harshest applications
  • Value optimized advanced EPDM compound for less demanding applications at working temperature -40°C
  • Reduced meshing noise and span vibration
  • Competitive and efficient belt drive solution versus gear-based systems

Value Add to Customers:

  • World-class global R&D and testing capabilities, with local manufacturing footprints in all the significant locations to supply across the globe
  • Delivering to the world’s prominent power steering manufacturers for leading light vehicle OEMs
  • Sustainable future-mobility solutions that provide seamless user experiences
  • Reliable and eco-friendly belt with optimized fuel savings, NVH, and reduced CO2 emissions
  • Reduced total cost of ownership

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Dayco EPS Belts Technical Sheet

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