Electric Power Steering Belts

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The belt within an electrically-powered steering (EPS) system is vital to performance as the belt helps determine driver use and power consumption. The function of EPS belts is to transfer torque from the motor to the steering gear to assist during driving. As a worldwide manufacturer of automotive belt products and systems, Dayco is original and inventive in how we develop solutions, including our line of electric power steering belts.

In EPS system configurations with paraxial servo units, an electric motor mounted to the side of the rack housing drives a ball-screw mechanism via a toothed rubber belt to provide steering assistance. Dayco EPS belts transfer torque from the motor to the steering gear to provide the necessary assistance during driving. Dayco EPS belts are manufactured with a special grade HNBR polymer to resist oil, prevent environmental contamination and allow the belt to operate under extreme temperature fluctuations without failure.

Dayco’s unique belt characteristics lead to long-lasting performance in terms of high load capacity, resistance to tooth jump, extreme temperature variations, high resistance during severe environment conditions and reduced span vibration, all with a quiet-running belt thanks to advanced engineering.

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