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Dayco’s Propulsion Solutions unique fully integrated hydrogen fuel cell system is an efficient zero-emission high-range solution offering reliable vehicle performance and optimal energy management for a wide range of material handling, industrial, stationary, commercial vehicles, and other mobile applications.

Fully Integrated Fuel Cell System

Light & Heavy Duty, On & Off Highway

Low Carbon, Clean and Sustainable Future

Efficient, Robust, Reliable

Application Specific Packaging and scalability

Dayco Propulsion Solutions is delivering world class Hydrogen Fuel cell System Integration

Fuel Cell Engine

Nuvera’s fuel cell engine provides world-class performance for motive platforms in outputs ranging from 5 to 120 kW and higher.
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Battery Pack

This high-voltage battery stores energy and provides supplemental power to the electric motor.

Vehicle Controller / PCM Body

The Fuel Cell System, and battery is supported by the embedded Vehicle Control Unit and smart software for the control logic.

E-Motor and Inverter

The e-motor drives the vehicle’s wheels by using power from the battery pack. Inverter serves as an energy buffer giving the fuel cell time to catch up with load demand.

Control Unit

Vehicle level communication to manage safety systems, thermal control, operator energy demand, and battery state of charge.

AC-DC Convertor / Invertor

Provides AC/DC conversion for wall charging or power output based on application specific needs.

DC-DC Convertor

Provides proper voltage conversion between power systems (Fuel Cell, Battery, Drive Units, auxiliary consumers).

Thermal Management

Provides temperature control of fuel cell stack to provide optimal efficiency and durability goals.  Also provides thermal management to battery and power electronics as necessary.

Tank Regulator

Provides safe fuel storage and delivery to Fuel Cell Stack.

Air Filter

Harmful Vapor Filtration in addition to Particulate Filtration.

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