Wouter Nijenhuis

Chief Commercial Officer

Propulsion Solutions

Wouter Nijenhuis joined Dayco in 2019 and serves as Chief Commercial Officer, Global Propulsion Solutions.

Wouter is responsible for all aspects of Dayco’s global Original Equipment sales, business development, program management and Original Equipment marketing functions. Prior to joining Dayco, Wouter held the position of Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Aftermarket Sales, Marketing and Business Development Drive Systems at Oerlikon / Dana Limited. Wouter was responsible for overseeing all Sales, Marketing and Business Development activities for the Drive Systems segment.  Prior to that Wouter served as Vice President Global Engineering, Sales and Program Management at BorgWarner Inc. In this role, he oversaw all Sales, Engineering and Program Management activities for all Commercial and Industrial Turbo Systems applications. Prior to joining BorgWarner in 2006, Wouter worked for MHI Equipment Europe B.V. beginning in 2001 as Application Engineer responsible for the French and German markets and served as Program Manager from 2005.
Wouter started his career as a Consultant Engineer at Renault SA developing the control strategies and software for turbocharging and exhaust gas recirculation. Wouter holds several patents in turbocharger controls.

Wouter earned a Bachelor of Science degree in automotive engineering from the HAN – Netherlands.