Maj 1, 2019

Aftermarket Catalog Analyst

Key Responsibilities: Prepares and sends new product updates and application data changes to customers and electronic catalog suppliers on a regular schedule to ensure that our customers have the most complete, accurate, and timely application information needed to increase sales of our products. Works with Dayco Application Engineers to resolve application issues and concerns that come from Dayco customers, our sales department, customer service, and…
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Kwiecień 11, 2019

Prototype Engineer

Dayco ha un'entusiasmante opportunità di lavoro per lavorare come ingegnere di Prorotype. Dayco è un leader globale nella ricerca, progettazione, produzione e distribuzione di prodotti per motori essenziali, sistemi di azionamento e servizi per automobili, camion, edilizia, agricoltura e industria. Funzioni base Il Senior Prototype Engineer avrà la responsabilità di seguire tecnicamente lo sviluppo del prodotto - attività di processo, attraverso la collaborazione con tutti…
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Luty 25, 2019

Product Engineer

This position is part of the engineering group. He applies the engineering standards guidelines with the support of the regional team. Main goals are support the competitively of the products family and create link between the global R&D and regional center. The Product Engineer is accountable for the design, development of rigid components to meet customer requirement. Frequent, clear and credible communication is necessary throughout…
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Luty 22, 2019

Testing Engineer

The job consists in the definition, in the set-up and in the realization of functional and durability tests on both Dayco and competitor’s components and in the successive analysis of the acquired data. These functional and durability tests/measurement are performed on FEADs, on TBDs and on their single components (pulleys, dampers, de-couplers, tensioners and belts). The test engineer performs the Functional Measurements and analyze the…
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