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Novembre 11, 2019
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China - Wujiang, Jiangsu
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  1. Interface with the Customer to define design requirements in order to evaluate system acceptability and ensure integrity in the system design. (Tools: Regular written and oral communication, analysis request input form, test request form, Project Scope and Deliverables).
  2. Develop system specific FMEAs and related verification plan for assigned projects.
  3. Conduct engineering or belt drives analysis to determine system acceptability. (Tools: PowerMark, SimDrive, SyncLife, and others as needed).
  4. Serve as the primary liaison between the customer and all functions within Dayco to properly communicate requests. (Tools: Regular written and oral communication, and APQP forms).
  5. Coordinate APQP activities with Dayco cross‐functional teams for customer platforms. (Tools: Intranet Forum, APQP forms, and monthly project status report.
  6. Communicate key product characteristics to internal/external customers/suppliers. (Tools: Regular written and oral communication, Project Scope and Deliverables).
  7. Coordinate systems validation tests to ensure needed information is gathered in a timely fashion. (Tools: Regular written and oral communication).
  8. Coordinate with customer and internal design engineer to define prototype requirements
  9. Keep the external customer apprised of Dayco’s latest continuous improvement and product enhancement activities. (Tools: Regular written and oral communication, Presentations).
  10. Identify future product needs to maintain or grow Dayco’s position in the marketplace. (Tools: Regular written and oral communication, Project Scope and Deliverables).
  11. Identify system and component cost reduction opportunities. (Tools: VA/VE, Regular written and oral communication, Project Scope and Deliverables).
  12. Lead system and Product Failure Analysis associated with our products using team oriented problem solving (Tools: Regular oral and written communication, 8D Problem solving methodology).
  13. Build a strong relationship with the external customer. (Tools: Regular written and oral communication, social activities).
  14. Work with Account Manager to establish selling prices as well as present price justification and price negotiation with customer.
  15. Gain the appropriate knowledge/training in customer systems in order to interface effectively.
  16. Participates in efforts towards improved understanding of our product’s capabilities in the system through feedback from the field, FMEAs and internal testing.
  17. Serves as the voice of the customer in internal review meetings to ensure successful completion of program.
  18. Manages proper application of Dayco’s product components on advanced and production OEM systems with the additional responsibility of establishing and maintaining engineering relationships with the customer, thus being held accountable for the customers’ perception of Dayco’s technical support capability.


  1. Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  2. 10 years’ product/application engineering experience with OEs on engine related products
  3. Experience  with rotating  components is a plus
  4. Must have a working knowledge of GD&T
  5. Must have a high level of knowledge of FMEAs
  6. Must have a high level of knowledge in belt drive system design, Dayco procedures, (APQP, Testing, etc.), manufacturing processes and plant capabilities.
  7. Must have a high level of understanding of other functional responsibilities within Dayco
  8. Must have a high level of knowledge in problem solving
  9. Must be proficient in written and oral communication
  10. Must be able to set his/her own priorities and will be expected to help resolve priority conflicts within the AE group

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