Quality Manager

Dayco (Guizhou) Power Transmission Co., Ltd.

Full Time
China - Guiyang, Guizhou
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Position Key Accountabilities:

  • System Management
    • Establish and implement the relevant standards and norms of the company’s quality management system.
    • To organize the formulation of company’s quality policy, the establishment of internal quality system and corresponding quality objectives, the formulation of quality control workflow and system, operation norms, and the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the system.
    • According to the relevant national product quality requirements and the actual situation of the company, formulate the company’s quality objectives and quality guidelines, and formulate quality work plans.
  • Operation and Maintenance of Quality System
    • Coordinating the relevant departments inside and outside the company, actively organizing the operation and implementation of various quality management systems;
    • Maintain the certification system according to the changes of the company’s actual situation and objective conditions.
  • Quality Management
    • Establish the quality supervision and feedback mechanism of the company to guide the quality control of the whole production process.
    • Draw up product quality requirements according to product technical quality standards, establish quality control points and operating procedures, and monitor the implementation of quality standards.
    • To be responsible for on-site support and quality problem solving, quality disputes adjustment, and organization of investigation and analysis of major quality accidents.
    • Annual inspection of production license.
  • Quality Improvement
    • Communicate and coordinate with production departments and other relevant departments to propose quality improvement measures, put forward quality assurance plans and supervise implementation.
    • Supervise internal and external quality reviews, organize and track the formulation and implementation of department’s rectification plan, and track quality improvement.
  • Supplier Management
    • Monthly Supplier Quality KPI Management.
    • Supplier Quality Improvement Management.
    • Vendor Audit.
  • Customer Management
    • Dealing with customer complaints and customer claims.
    • Customer Audit.
    • Docking Customer Quality Improvement Projects.
  • Department management
    • KPI Management of Quality Department
    • Be responsible for guiding, managing and supervising the business work of the employees of the department.
    • Responsible for the hiring, training, assessment and management of department staff.
    • Participate in the company’s safe and civilized production and 5S activities and implement them in place.


Position Qualifications:

  • More than 8 years working experience in automobile industry.
  • Familiar with the relevant knowledge of IATF16949 quality management system; familiar with the production process, manufacturing process, quality standards and technology application of the product industry; have a certain understanding of marketing, product research and development, manufacturing and other aspects of knowledge.
  • Strong strategic awareness, cost awareness, efficiency awareness and overall concept.
  • Excellent logical analysis ability.
  • Highly proficient with Office software and system software.
  • Good communication and coordination skills.
  • Excellent leadership ability.

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