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Dayco Australia increases warehouse capacity ahead of major product range expansion

juillet 26, 2018 • 3 min lecture

July, 2018 – Dayco, a leading engine products and drive systems supplier for the automotive, industrial and aftermarket industries, has significantly increased the size and capacity of the company’s Australian warehouse and distribution centre located in the Melbourne suburb of Hallam.

Dayco’s warehouse expansion has seen the Hallam warehouse expand capacity by more than 1,000 square metres of warehousing space, transporter access bays and internal modernisations to support the addition of more than 4,000 new Dayco SKU’s to the already comprehensive Dayco automotive aftermarket product range.

The expansion will allow for further growth in Dayco’s product range over the coming years with the Company’s planned introduction of an Industrial engine belt range along with radiator caps and future additions to the Dayco automotive aftermarket offering.

The Dayco Australia warehouse expansion has also seen the company introduce a new bar code scanning system to increase product distribution efficiency and accuracy.

According to Dayco Vice President Aftermarket, Asia Pacific, Arnold Mouw, the company’s warehouse expansion is aligned with Dayco’s global objectives to ensure that their customers receive the best service possible, while providing faster access to the highest quality automotive aftermarket engine belts, thermal management and engine components.

“Our warehouse expansion is an investment in our commitment to the future of the Australian and New Zealand automotive aftermarket industries,” Mr. Mouw stated.

“Making sure that our aftermarket customers in the automotive, trucking and industrial markets have immediate access to our belts, hoses, tensioners, pulleys and additional new Dayco products is our top priority. The larger and more efficient distribution centre will enable us to deliver this objective and provide our customers with even more support,” Mr Mouw added.

With locations worldwide, Dayco is a global leader in the research, design, manufacturing and distribution of essential engine products, drive systems and services and has been for more than a century.

Dayco Australia’s head office and warehouse is located at 10 Dansu Court, Hallam (VIC). For customer service and any enquiries call (+61) 03 9796 4044.

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Dayco is a global leader in the research, design, manufacturing and distribution of essential engine products, drive systems and services for automobiles, trucks, construction, agriculture and industry.

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