For more than 100 years, Dayco has cultivated fundamental strengths which explain how our company creates value, and are the pillars of our identity.

A Drive to Innovate

Dayco has a history of industry leading firsts that have improved the effectiveness, efficiency and impact of products in ways that are continuously benefiting customers and consumers alike.

An Instinct for Pushing the Boundaries of Endurance

Dayco understands the power of ‘building things to last,’ which shows up in our products, our customer relationships and within the very DNA of our company.

A Bias Toward System Dynamics

Dayco provides solutions that are based on how components operate together, positively affecting their performance and perceived value.

An Urge to Serve

Dayco is — and has always been — driven to help our customers succeed and to improve how end-users live and work, every day.

Years of Experience