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Dayco introduces the new range of Scooter Transmission Belts. A wide variety of products for engines from 50 to 600 cc, to offer OE efficient solutions.

The scooter transmission belts are the result of years of research and development based on two principles:

  • QUALITY: the core of Dayco products. It gives to the entire range high performance
  • RELIABILITY: Dayco’s collaboration with OE partners gives the products reliable solutions for any technical needs

The range

The Dayco Scooter transmission belts cover the following applications:

  • Engines between 50 and 200 cc (with polyester cord)
  • Displacements up to 400 cc (with aramid cord)
  • From 400 cc Maxi-Scooter

Features of the Scooter Transmission Belts with engines between 50 and 200 cc

  • Fabric on the surface to prevent cracks
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Equipped with good heat resistance

Features of the Scooter Transmission Belts with engines between up to 400 cc

  • They can be with single or double cogged to improve flexibility
  • They have a fabric on both the inner surface and on the back to avoid cracks
  • Better heat resistance
  • Equipped with excellent dimensional stability due to the aramid cord

Features of the belts for Maxi-Scooter

  • The belts for Maxi-Scooter and Microcar XTX have a double cog to improve flexibility
  • Excellent dimensional stability thanks to the aramid cord
  • Best heat resistance
  • The Dayco XTX belt also offers:
    • High performance in any driving condition
    • Fast response at medium and high speeds
    • Excellent acceleration at high rpm and Reduction of slippage at the highest levels of torque
    • Better performance in deceleration (more responsive engine braking)

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