Driveline Dampers

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Dayco has a long history of designing and manufacturing driveline dampers and recognizes the strict requirements of driveline customers. Such dampers are designed specifically for the mode of vibration they attenuate (linear, torsional, or mixed). Innovation and creativity coupled with analytical and empirical validation tools are the key factors that distinguish Dayco as the technical leader in this field. The Recessed Belt Damper (RBD), Radial Internal Tube Damper (Radial ITD), and the Low Frequency Grommet Damper (LFGD) are all examples of how Dayco is clever, original and inventive in how we develop solutions for our customers.

Dayco clearly stands above the competition in its capacity to design multi-mode dampers utilizing a single mass-spring system. This is possible due to a proprietary software algorithm that is unparalleled in the industry for its speed and capability, therefore enabling rapid development of cost and weight-effective parts. Once developed analytically, Dayco driveline dampers are subjected to performance and durability testing to ensure their robustness in the application.

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