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With a focus on eliminating engine vibration and reducing noise, Dayco manufactures Crankshaft Decouplers that are being integrated into the design of many new, higher performance engines.

Our manufacturing breadth includes a full range of injection-molded and vulcanized elastomeric isolators, plus advanced and durable spring isolators. Our most recent innovative crankshaft decoupler offers multiple functions in a single device and is tuned specifically to the application.

Designed to integrate a Rubber or Viscous torsional vibration damper, the Crankshaft Decoupler also features a spring isolator for the accessory drive for smooth power transmission and is specifically designed for 48V and HV P0 Belt starter Generator hybrid systems.

All of these features work together in a single product designed to maximize beltdrive efficiency and reduce vehicle CO2 emissions through belt tension reduction and optimal vibration isolation. It also dramatically improves beltdrive performance in terms of components durability and NVH.

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