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Applications: Performance and premium cars; hybrid and ICE vehicles

With a focus to eliminate engine vibration, optimize noise, and improve fuel economy, Dayco is successfully delivering hybrid systems and components for over a decade now and its high-performance industry-leading decoupler product line is a revolution to the premium and performance light vehicles.

Our innovative light-duty decoupler improves dynamic behaviour in engine start and stop and is specifically designed for 48V and HV P0 Belt Starter Generator hybrid systems. It features an advanced & durable spring isolator for the accessory drive for smooth power transmission. From maximizing belt drive efficiency to reducing vehicle CO2 emissions, it offers multiple functions in a single device and is tuned specifically to the application, further improving system performance drastically.

Dayco is the only brand that offers a premium package of complete FEAD (Front End Accessory Drive) system solutions for hybrid and ICE (Internal Combustion engine) vehicles with a wide range of decouplers, dampers, tensioners, idlers/pulleys, and belts with world-class global R&D capabilities and local manufacturing footprints and addresses the needs of leading premium and performance car manufacturers.

Features/ Benefits:

  • Designed to integrate rubber damper
  • Improved system efficiency and reduced carbon footprints (CO2); Decoupler, belt optimization (CoF), and smart control logic as a major enabler towards emission reductions
  • Optimal vibration isolation and improved NVH
  • Increased lifetime of accessory drive components that results in enhanced system uptime
  • Competitive market-leading technology with full system support

Value Add to Customers:

  • World-class global R&D and testing capabilities with local manufacturing footprints
  • Complete system solution provider with full FEAD support: decouplers, dampers, tensioners, idlers, pulleys, and belts
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Delivering to leading premium and performance car manufacturers across the globe

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Dayco Light-Duty Decouplers Technical Sheet

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