Heavy Duty Accessory Drive Tensioners

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Dayco offers a complete line of automatic tensioners designed and developed specifically for the extreme demands of the industrial market. These products have been validated on numerous industrial and commercial vehicle applications providing a high degree of safety and confidence for customers who need to apply these products on a variety of front end drive arrangements. Dayco’s commitment to this market over many years offers us the ability to provide validated products for most applications with little or no tooling investment required by the customer.

These belt tensioners, in combination with our belts, dampers, decouplers and other components, work in concert at the system level to reduce vibration and friction losses ensuring optimal efficiency is achieved. Dayco tensioners feature the original flat-wire spring design, engineered to provide more operating range and less tension variation. This innovative design reduces the risk of premature accessory bearing failure due to high tension and lessens the risk of belt noise, slippage and poor accessory performance caused by low tension as the belt begins to stretch and wear. Dayco also manufactures a variety of round spring tensioners depending on application requirements.

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