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Dayco is proud to present its Hybridization Vehicle Architecture Solutions, providing energy saving systems for P0.

For over a decade Dayco has supplied components and subsystems for P0 Mild Hybrid Powertrains and aims to have continued market presence growth in P0 Hybridization systems as a result of the exceptional Belt transmission performance and increasing E-Machine power.

The Mission of our Research is to continuously improve Fuel Saving, CO2 reduction and Durability of P0 Hybrid systems, with the purpose of offering a 12÷15% emissions reduction and life-long service as the next standard in the field.

Dayco works as a Global Team every day to raise the bar and provide more and more integrated solutions for Hybridization, optimizing the Control Logic of the Electric Machine performance and pursuing a Smart System Management that reduces the CO2 emissions.

Control Strategy driven by CO2 Reduction

Our Research is focused to provide intelligent Systems that continuously adapt to real driving needs, with an integrated Control Logic designed to minimize CO2 emissions and to guarantee outstanding component life.

Hybrid GreenCar
Hybrid Belts


Dayco’s material database is constantly evolving, enabling coverage across all market segments no matter the application, environment or performance requirements. Dayco is improving Belt range to transmit higher power more efficiently.

Twin Tensioner

Innovative design minimizes reaction time and friction losses. This compact component has a key role in our Research to integrate a Smart Management Logic drive by CO2 reduction and system life Extension.

Hybrid TwinTens
Hybrid Damper

Crankshaft Decoupler

With the aim of eliminating engine vibration and reducing noise, Dayco’s focus is to optimize spring characteristic and components contact to minimize losses and guarantee correct vibration isolation.

Electric Motor

Dayco works with Strategic Partners to develop breakthrough integrated P0 Hybrid solutions, with outstanding Boosting and Recuperation Performance.

Hybrid ElectricMotor