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Dayco sponsored Monash Motorsport Formula student team achieves first ever international victory

August 6, 2018 • 4 min read

August, 2018 – An important part of Dayco Australia’s motorsport program is the nurturing of new engineering and technical talent within the automotive industry with the company’s long term support of the Melbourne based Monash University Formula Student racing team.

This outstanding young Australian team has once again competed strongly on the global Formula Student stage, racing to victory against Universities from all over the world at Britain’s historic home of motor racing, Silverstone during July.

The Australian team raced to overall first place with their internal combustion engine powered car and finished 3rd overall with their electric powered car, with both cars using integral Dayco engine components to control thermal management and performance.

Integral to achieving this success was the opportunity for the Monash Motorsport team to test prior to the competition in Europe with some of the highest performing Formula Student teams in world. The Dayco sponsored team was invited to attend an extremely selective competition practice event hosted by Bosch at their extensive automotive proving ground facility located in Boxberg, Germany. This event, attended by 30 of the best combustion, electric and driverless Formula Student teams in the world, allowed the Australian team to replicate competition conditions. They completed this using both of their cars and with each of their competition drivers, giving the team vital testing experience prior to competing.

Monash Motorsport overcame many challenges during the competition at Silverstone, with more than 100 global teams taking part. The team’s electric car, the M17-E, achieved 10th place overall for acceleration, 7th for Skidpad and 3rd for Autocross. The team’s combustion car, the M17-C, set its fastest ever acceleration time of 4.11s, scoring a 7th overall placing along with 4th for Skidpad and 2nd in Autocross. Both Dayco equipped Monash Motorsport cars set very competitive times throughout the Endurance event, with the M17-C and M17-E finishing 1st and 2nd respectively and ultimately scoring the most points across all the Dynamics based events.

According to Adrian Conder from Monash University, “We are ecstatic to have achieved an overall 1st place with our combustion car and an overall 3rd place for our electric car – and to have won our first ever international competition in Monash Motorsport history. We have gained a huge amount of exposure and international recognition with this competition win and are excited to have been featured in a number of local and internationall print and online publications who have shown great interest in our engineering achievements.”

“Dayco Australia is delighted to be a long term supporter of Monash University’s Formula Student program and congratulates this talented young Australian racing team on their first ever international victory. We are also proud that a number of Dayco components have contributed to this success and wish the team more victories in the future,” stated Dayco Vice President Aftermarket Asia Pacific, Arnold Mouw.

Monash Motorsport now heads to the Formula Student Austrian and German events, seeking to continue flying the Aussie flag proudly from the top steps of the podium.

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