Heavy Duty Viscous Dampers

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Applications: Trucks, buses, construction equipment, agricultural machinery

With the years-long success of rubber dampers and decoupler portfolio, Dayco now extends its range with the advanced and premium Viscous dampers to serve the heavy and light-duty industry.

From eliminating the engine vibration to optimizing noise, and improving fuel economy, Dayco is the only brand that offers a premium package of complete FEAD (Front End Accessory Drive) system solutions including decoupler, damper, tensioner, idlers/pulleys, and belts, all in one place with world-class global R&D capabilities and local manufacturing footprints and addresses the needs of engine and truck manufacturers to reduce carbon footprints.

Dayco’s premium Viscous Dampers are developed with the best selection of material and cutting-edge laser technology that serves a wide range of engine applications up to 20L. It is designed to reduce engine noise, vibration, and harshness and is 35% more durable than the industry standards under challenging test conditions. Best in class viscous dampers are customized tailored solutions as per customers’ requirements that improve the system efficiency in terms of components durability and NVH.


  • Highly engineered and durable product that optimizes NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness)
  • Improved system efficiency and reduced carbon footprints (CO2)
  • Premium product with a competitive footprint and global sourcing
  • Enhanced equipment uptime and reduced total cost of ownership

Value Add to Customers:

  • World-class global R&D and testing capabilities with local manufacturing footprints
  • 35% more durable than industry benchmarks*
  • Premium bundle of decoupler and viscous dampers for light-duty and performance applications
  • Delivering to largest engine and truck manufacturers across the globe
  • Complete system solution provider with FEAD (Front End Accessory Drive) support: Decoupler, Damper (Rubber & Viscous), tensioner, idlers, pulleys, and belts from the same supplier

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Propulsion Solutions


Dayco Heavy-Duty Viscous Dampers Technical Sheet