System Test Engineer

Full Time
China - Wujiang, Jiangsu
1 month 之前发布

Primary Responsibility:

  • System characteristic test – Install the sensors on the timing belt drive, or accessory drive of internal combustion engine, carry the test according to procedure, evaluate the test result, and issue the testing report to customer.
  • NVH test – Plan the NVH measurement DOE matrix, install the microphone and sensors, measure the noise and vibration, subjectively evaluate the noise,  and issue the NVH report.  The expectation is to propose the optimization direction based on the NVH test result.
  • Maintain the sensors and instruments with a good 5S way.
  • To propose the product or system design direction based on the NVH or functional test result.
  • Manage the sensors, instruments, customer test schedule. Submit the test report on time.
  • Train the Application Engineer some NVH knowledge.
  • Coordinate with Application Engineer and customer the test schedule.
  • Temporary support to other test engineer or application engineer in case the resource is not enough.
  • Other temporary work required by supervisor.


Essential Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor Degree or above, Technical background is preferred.
  • Minimum 3 years work experience,NVH experience and Internal customer engine experience is preferred.


Technical & Soft Skills:

  • English Skill:Average in speaking, good in writing
  • Willing to travel a lot at customer side.
  • Strong responsibility ownership, willing to learn.