Director of Product Strategy – US Aftermarket

Full Time
USA - Troy, MI
2 weeks 之前发布

The Director of Product Strategy is responsible for US AFM Dayco product planning, development, and execution through the lifecycle of the Dayco business. This is inclusive of gathering and prioritizing requirements for the product, defining the vision for the product, and collaborating with other Dayco key personnel including, but not limited to the marketing, sales, global product development and operations departments in order to ensure that financial and customer satisfaction goals are met.

The Director of Product Strategy ensures that that the company’s overall strategy and goals are supported by those of the product; that the product goals and strategy do not deviate from Corporate Strategy.


The Director of Product Strategy oversees and ensures that the functions of the Dayco US Aftermarket Product Managers and Category Managers are efficiently and effectively executed.

Vision Creation:

As the leader of the product team, it is the Director’s responsibility to build an understanding and cultivate in the department members the product’s vision and the business case, as well as developing the product planning necessary for driving product initiatives with clarity and consensus

Product/Market Strategy:

The Director of Product Strategy works intimately with the Dayco Marketing and Sales departments to develop effective and differentiated marketing and sales strategies.

Research and Analysis:

The Director of Product Strategy is tasked with conducting relevant product research; establishing competitive intelligence and various market analyses that supplement and compliments analyses already conducted by Product Managers in their respective product categories. In this capacity, the Director of Product Strategy is responsible for conducting customer and market research that further aids Dayco in understanding current and future product needs, thus ensuring success in the market.


Customer Relations:

The Director of Product Strategy is responsible for engaging and communicating with key/major customers in order to gain first-hand insight on the customers needs and desires for various Dayco products. The Director of Product Strategy in conjunction with the Dayco Sales Directors, is responsible for engaging customers to gain firsthand insight of Dayco product performance. This information, coupled with market information relayed to him by the Product and Category Managers, creates a clearer understanding of the current and future market direction, needs, and potential customer/market receptivity.

Product Line lifecycle:

The Director of Product Strategy, in conjunction with the Product Managers, is also responsible for developing, defining, and overseeing the product’s roadmap and managing it as required for the purpose of meeting Dayco business deliverables.

Product Communication / Training: 

The Director of Product Strategy is tasked with representing the Dayco business and promoting the product by advocating for its value and benefits at executive meetings, trade shows, marketing events, online consumer platforms, and other available venues.

Position Requirements:

Degree in business or related field

Minimum ten years working in the automotive aftermarket as a Product or Category Manager with major aftermarket WD or retailer

Experience with managing and leading employees, strongly preferred

Skills Required:

Excellent leadership and communication skills

Organizational, research, and time-management skills are also important

Proficiency in use of computers and various software programs

Must be able to meet deadlines and handle stress as it relates to managing major customer accounts