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Dayco Shows Its OE Innovations at Automec 2019

四月 19, 2019 • 4 分钟阅读

April 19, 2019 – Dayco, a leading engine products and drive systems supplier for the automotive, industrial and aftermarket industries, will show a selection of its original equipment (OE) innovations at Automec 2019, in San Paolo, Brazil later this month. The company is known for its impressive technical capability and for providing complete solutions for its customers, which is why Dayco is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers (VMs), in both the automotive and heavy duty sectors.

Dayco Bsg NewsAmong the highlights will be its double-sided belt in oil (BIO) timing belt, the Dayco BSG 48 V – a Stop/Start hybrid engine system, vibration dampers, a crankshaft spring decoupler – for light and heavy duty vehicles – which is a new design of dampened crankshaft pulley and a heavy duty tensioner.

On-going investment to ensure its manufacturing facilities are among the best in the world and the depth of its technical knowledge concerning power transmission systems are central to enable Dayco to develop innovative products and solutions that are vital to optimise engine performance.

The Dayco BIO is an engineering triumph, besides being composed of a completely different formulation from anything else in the market, the double-sided timing belt is protected with a specially developed coating, making it capable of operating while submerged in oil. The teeth on both sides of the belt also allow for significant space saving within the drive system, as the components can be brought closer together due to the fact that the belt can drive them from either, or both sides, simultaneously.

Another innovative development that will be presented at Automec 2019 is the Dayco BSG 48 V, a Stop/Start hybrid engine system designed to enable alternator torque to be transmitted alternately, in different directions. The belt start generator (BSG) is an unorthodox alternator system that, via the Poly-V belt, provides engine starting, braking energy regeneration and even acceleration or cruise control maintenance, through the alternator.

The belt for this system, which has a white, high-strength fabric coating, is designed to operate in winter temperatures of -40 degrees and then immediately be subjected to +90 degrees when the engine is running, because the oil heats up to +130 degrees and effectively releases the heat through the components in its close proximity.

Also present are Dayco’s new DDCS torsional vibration dampers for both light and heavy duty application, which feature an alternative crankshaft pulley cushioning design. Instead of the usual internal rubbers, the DDCS incorporates springs that enable them absorb and isolate extremely high levels of torsional vibration. By eliminating up to 90% of the vibrations generated by the operation of the engine, they allow the most stable possible transmission of power through the Poly-V belt.

Completing the innovations shown at the event are Poly-V belts and tensioners for heavy duty applications, which demonstrate Dayco’s FEAD (front end auxiliary drive) system expertise. These components naturally have to perform in very arduous operating conditions and the tensioners, in particular, have to be of the highest quality and provide the greatest durability in order to keep the appropriate level of tension on the Poly-V belt, whatever the demands of the engine.

Some of these patented innovations are initially exclusive to the OE market. However, they are also just a small example of the company’s extraordinary sector knowledge and demonstrate how developing solutions for the world’s VMs is in Dayco’s DNA.

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